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Australian Stamps - Steve Irwin Stamps
    From   SallyO   Posted On   12/31/2017   
Fine quality stamps from Australia, New Zealand and their territories. We cover basic stamps, as well as varieties, blocks, imprints, postal stationery, booklets and much more   
stamps123 BuyItNow
    From   nordphila   Posted On   12/13/2017   
Our fixed price offer for small and large purchases.

Apart from rare pieces you find also small and middle values in best quality, which you look for on the large auctions futile.
All prices are end price, thus no premium and lot fees, VAT are contained.   
Exchange Topics
    From   Rodger_C   Posted On   10/21/2017   
Exchange stamps I have many topics I can offer to exchange.
I collects Scouts and Walt Disney and for My friends Space, Aircraft. Birds.
When contact is made I will forward a link of your topic requested so that you can view items I can offer for exchange.   
Space and Astronomy Stamps
    From   huygens1962   Posted On   9/14/2017   
The history of spaceflight and astronomy as depicted on postage of the world. Extensively cross-referenced to related sites.   
Nordphila Auctions
    From   nordphila   Posted On   9/9/2017   
The company nordphila was founded 1971 and specialized in mail-order auctions and online stamp-auctions.

We have already conducted more than 440th auctions.

We hold 6 mail auctions annually published in printed catalogs, as well as on our webside Bids can be submitted by mail, fax, telephone or at www.nordphila.   
Stamp Exchange
    From   senaka007   Posted On   9/6/2017   
Dear Friends

I am a senior stamp collector from Sri Lanka.
I collect & exchange
world wide mint & used Stamps, Souvenir Sheets,
FDC, MAXI-Cards and Bank Notes
swap 1 to 1 basis. I reply all e-mails

e-mail me :

Best Regards
    From   maxastamp   Posted On   3/9/2017   
old stamps   
    From   kijimo   Posted On   2/19/2017   
1935 Silver Jubilee of George V
    From   tony-jubilee   Posted On   2/17/2017   
1935 Silver Jubilee of George V - articles, research notes, offers and Study Circle details of this popular Commonwealth issue.   

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