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If you are a thematic postage stamp collector, you can easily get contact the other stamp collector who is collecting on your theme, or if you are collecting the country collection then you can easily find the relevent stamp collector to share the information or philateic materials.
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Waterfalls stamps websiteWaterfalls stamps website
Waterfall stamps website dedicated to the world wide waterfall stamp collectors. This website will publish all the philatelic information on the topic waterfalls. This waterfalls postage stamp website is exclusively designed for waterfalls stamp collectors.
Charles Leski AuctionsCharles Leski Auctions
At Charles Leski Auctions we conduct approximately twenty-two auctions per year, each with average presale estimates of A$500,000. Clients can attend each auction personally or place absentee bids. Ourworld-wide mailing list of over 4,000 attracts as many as five hundredbidders who participate in each auction. The auctions are conducted atour premi ...
The Stamp BusThe Stamp Bus
Nr.5 of TOP 50 STAMP SITES:Free TOOLS for stamp collectors & Stamp dealers.-Links to where you can advertise for free.-Free on-line stamps catalogues.-Free auction sites-& More.
French philatelic club.French philatelic club.
French philatelic club. Stamps and Postal History of Colombes. (City near Paris.)
India's only topical societyIndia
India's only society for topical stamp collectorsIndian Thematic Society, is an organisation, who use different themes, as the basis of their collections, founded in 1981, is a registered society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and presently having its Registered Office in Ludhiana – INDIA. Indian Thematic Society functions independently ...
stamp-catalogue, online-catalogue, philatelic articlesstamp-catalogue, online-catalogue, philatelic articles
Here you will find MICHEL-stamp-catalogues, our online-catalogue and other philatelic articles!
German Empire StampsGerman Empire Stamps
Stamps of Greater Germany, with emphasis on Third Reich and WW II.  Nice selection of revenues, propaganda cards too.  We feature both mint and used stamps with great prices.  Shopping Cart, search feature and secure credit card and PayPal payment.  Try
Balloonstamps from over the worldBalloonstamps from over the world
Welcome to our site with a lot of ballooning stamps, have a look, we also have a wantlist and our doubles are on the site aswell.
Birds of the World on Postage StampsBirds of the World on Postage Stamps
Dedicated to birds shown on postage stamps that are indigenous to the issuing country with thousands of images. Includes identification features.
maximaphily in Belgiummaximaphily in Belgium
Site dedicated to maximaphily in Belgium
Postage Stamps Collecting at 2 ClicksPostage Stamps Collecting at 2 Clicks
Numismatic resources & guide at 2 Clicks. We listed postage stamps websites according to categories. We have lists of Stamp Dealers,Auctions,topical stamps,prices,catalog,supplies,postal history.
Country stamp cataloguesCountry stamp catalogues
We offer one of the most comprehensive stocks of country stamp catalogues - the latest editions of all of the leading publishers, including: Michel, Scott, Stanley Gibbons, Yvert et Tellier, Ceres, Sassone, Facit, Bale, Sakura - the list is endless.
Polish philately website, polish stamps catalogue, encyclopedia, dictionaries and much more.
Filatelistyka. Philately shop WarsawFilatelistyka. Philately shop Warsaw
Oldest Philately Shop in Warsaw, Poland: ''Filatelistyka Marek Czelej''. I offer expert service in philately including free of charge valuation of stamps from all over the world. As you can expect the most popular are european collections but I have an access to collections from all over the world including China cultural revolution period.If you a ... - Stamps Auctions Online - Stamps Auctioneers - Philatelic Collect - Stamps Auctions Online - Stamps Auctioneers - Philatelic Collections, online stamps auction, stamps collecting, stamp collections
Airports on Stamps: and Postal StationeryAirports on Stamps: and Postal Stationery
Collector site for stamps & postal stationery depicting Airports
French Colonies, Asia, and World Wide TopicalsFrench Colonies, Asia, and World Wide Topicals
Specializing in French Colonies, including Afars and Issas, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna, French So. Antarctic Territories (TAAF), St. Pierre and Miquelon, and Mayotte.World Wide Topicals, including Holograms, Space, Kennedy, Soccer, Minerals and Mining, Marine Life, Birds,Golf, and more.Easy to use web site, search by Co ...
Ormskirk & District Philatelic Society
A small friendly society meeting at 7.30 pm on the first Wednesday of each month at the Guide HQ on Moorgate in Ormskirk.Programme for 2013-20142013July 3rdEddie Dunne: France.August 7thMembers evening: New Aquisitions.September 4thMembers evening: Pre 1950.October 2ndPaul Gaywood: History of Preston.November 6thQuiz Night.December 4thTable sale & ...
Want :Thematic mint stamps, S/S, minisheets, booklets, postal stationery, postcards, covers, banknotes and coins etc from world wide.Offer :Stamps, S/S, minisheets, booklets, FDC, postal stationery, postcards, covers, banknotes and coins etc from China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and many countries.Dear friend,   I am very happy to exchange with you! ...
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Student Stamp Club   

I am a teacher who sponsors a stamp club for students.If anyone has duplicate stamps that they would like to donate, we would appreciate them very much.My students do not have much to trade, so I did buy some bulk stamps from Australia on eBay to give them something to trade. We can trade stamps from Australia!The students love the stamps and club, but I haven't been very successful getting parents involved.I think they see it as an ''old-fashioned'' hobby and don't take it seriously.So, I guess for now, I will continue to buy bulk stamps online for the students and seek duplicate donations.I download free pages for them to use, and I buy stamp hinges for the club.I would love to correspond with any other teachers who sponsor stamp clubs!

Commonwealth Stamps, British Commonwealth Stamps from Steve Irwin Stamps   

British Commonwealth Stamps for sale; King George VI stamps to the 1970s Commonwealth stamps; fine quality stamps from one of Britain's leading philatelic stamp dealers

Australian Stamps - Steve Irwin Stamps   

Fine quality stamps from Australia, New Zealand and their territories.We cover basic stamps, as well as varieties, blocks, imprints, postal stationery, booklets and much more

Nigerian Definitive/Hologram Set/13v   

Definitive/The Complete Issue/13v. Released over a period of two years(2010 - 2012). SG numbers are 880-885 for Kalamazoo - that's with the round hologram, and 888-893 - 6 with the square hologram by Superflux International Limited.They also have listed 897, the n50 printed by NSPLMCo with no hologram. The note after those says ''Numbers have been left for possible additions to this series.

NIGERIA: SG890. Mint copy showing spectacular error.   

NIGERIA: SG890. Mint copy showing spectacular error.Price: $25NIGERIA: SG890. Mint copy showing spectacular error.Mint copy showing spectacular error. Lower layer of hologram apparently in place, top layer missing except for right-hand edge.A block of 20 was found intact in a post office. Remainder of sheet had been sold over the post office counter by the postal clerk oblivious of their-philatelic importance.Asking price per pair/mint - 25 us$//FREE SHIPPING. -RegisteredAirLetterPost.

NIGERIA: Year Of Dialogue Among Civilization.   

NIGERIA: Year Of Dialogue Among Civilization.Price 25us$ perblock of 4.Free shipping/Registered Air Letter Post.

Another Hologram Issue From Nigeria    

Another Hologram Issue From Nigeria - Nigerian CivilianHeads Of State Between 1914 - 2014/CIRCULAR FORMAT -mint set of 7v. Price: 10us$. FREE SHIPPING - RegisteredAirLetterPost.

stamp collecting   

From Multi Generation family Collectionmany in very -good to fine gradesGood For the beginner or the one who is looking to complete a setor that missing one to complete a collectionStamps range from many different years and stylesincluding airmail ,postage due.booklets and coming soon sheetsNew Addition and frequently

Stamps For Sale   

Stamps For SaleFromconstancePosted On11/16/2015Stamps for SaleFrom Multi Generation family CollectionGrades and Condition VaryGood For the beginner or the one who is looking to complete a setor that missing one to complete a collectionStamps range from many different years and styles and countriesincluding airmail ,postage due.New Addition frequenty

US stamps   

I'm looking for these U stamps: 128 190 291 440 531129 191 292 442 532130 293 443 533131 208 298 445 534132299 446 535133 217447 536137 218 311 449 538138312539139 220a 313 451 540314 452 541140 231c 315 454 544141 238455 545142 239 339 456 546143 240457 550144 241 342 458148 242459 573149 243 345 460 579244 346 464 590151 245 347 467 595152348 468153 256616154351 473155 260630261 354648160 262 355 476 662161 263 356 477 664162358 479 673163 271 359 480 674164 274483 675165 275484 676166 276 360 487 677277 361 488186 278 362750a188363 505 751a189 289 364 519 753365 523 766 S366 527 767 S