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European / North American   

My largest collection of duplicates are European and North American.I am interested in blind swaps of 100-200 stamps (particularly commemorative, but mixes are ok).

Exchanging stamps   

I collect stamps with the topic FLORA (flowers, plants, trees, mushrooms, fruits, vegetables),FAUNA (animals, mammals, reptiles, fishes, amphibians, birds, insects, butterflies, dinosaurs, shells), LIGHTHOUSES, BRIDGES and MILLS (windmills, watermills).In my collection I only take used stamps, nice cancelled, not damaged. Blocks preferred used, but can be mint. .I can offer you nice used stamps with theme flora and fauna worldwide or used stamps from Nederland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia and other West- and East-European countries. Also a small part of mint stamps and FDCís are available for trading.My complete tradingstock is visible by scans and on lists with Michel cataloguenumber. Send me a message and I send you a link to my scans and lists.

Topicals - Motorcycles   

my name is danny leach i collect motorcycle stamps - if this is one of your interests too, please contact me - 275 N. Broadway Apt 605 - Coos Bay, Oregon - 97420 -

swap stamp   

I want to swap stamp mints with all countries.My main interest is aviation and its history, but I want too fauna and chessIf you have interest please write me at brendaciceron@yahoo.comI can send pictures of my stamps.Best regardsRafael Perez

Australian Stamps - Steve Irwin Stamps   

Fine quality stamps from Australia, New Zealand and their territories.We cover basic stamps, as well as varieties, blocks, imprints, postal stationery, booklets and much more

Commonwealth Stamps, British Commonwealth Stamps from Steve Irwin Stamps   

British Commonwealth Stamps for sale; King George VI stamps to the 1970s Commonwealth stamps; fine quality stamps from one of Britain's leading philatelic stamp dealers

used stamps    

I search stamps from countries of Asia.I offer stamps from countries of Europa & also another of world.

used stamps    

I search tamps from Australia, New Zealand & also another countries from Ocťania.I offer used stamps from many countries of Europa but also from Africa, Asia, Americamy adress : Guy Barbe98 rue du Petit-Bruxelles1430 RebecqBelgium

Exchange Topics   

Exchange stamps I have many topics I can offer to exchange.I collects Scouts and Walt Disney and for My friends Space, Aircraft. Birds.When contact is made I will forward a link of your topic requested so that you can view items I can offer for exchange.


I exchange Topics for Scouts and Walt Disney and for my contacts Space, Aircraft, Birds.I exchange by agreement and have lots of different topics for exhange.