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Stamp Exchange - Following are the list of Europen Countries stamp collectors with their collecting theme / country collection are posted here.

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Exchange stamps
    From   Rosita   Posted On   7/1/2018   
exchange of world stamps with beautiful covers.
I send the same
Used and new stamps from all countries from 1970 to 2000.   
cancelled stamps from all over the world
    From   Almandine   Posted On   2/25/2018   
I have hundreds (maybe 6-800) of cancelled stamps, all denominations, from all over the world, saved from a trading firm I started in the 1970's, and extending through the 1900's. I also have a stamp album from the 1950's with perhaps 50 stamps in that.
I need to dispose of all, and will consider any reasonable offer. Suggestions welcome. La   
exchange stamps
    From   Barbé   Posted On   2/25/2018   
I search stamps from many european countries.

I offer stamps from many countries of Europa & also another of world.

To contact me : Guy Barbé

98 rue du Petit-Bruxelles

1430 Rebecq


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