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Kiloware stamps from 100 countries and 50 regions
Ad Posted:Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Ad Expire:Thursday, July 20, 2023
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 Posted by:postlynx
 Country:United Kingdom
 User Location:Herts
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KILOWARE from 100+ countries and 50+ regions in 3 quality categories. On and off paper. PLUS special kiloware stamp mixtures.

VERY SPECIAL STAMPS; everything from artist stamps works, essays, black prints, proofs, progressive proofs to specimens. If you so prefer, imperforated stamps, booklets, coil stamps, overprinted, official stamps, postal stationery, semi-postals, se-tenant, test stamps, emergency stamps, school stamps, triangulars, complete sheets, uncut sheets, unissued stamps or forgeries.

even ERRORS as inverted print, misperforated, colour, paper and other print errors plus more.

Happy Collecting

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