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   Waterfalls stamps website
    From   novamentor   Posted On   7/7/2021   
Waterfall stamps website dedicated to the world wide waterfall stamp collectors. This website will publish all the philatelic information on the topic waterfalls. This waterfalls postage stamp website is exclusively designed for waterfalls stamp collectors.
Post Boxs,Postmen,Post Offices on stamps
    From   postboxman   Posted On   7/14/2021   
post boxes,pillar boxes,letter boxes,post men,mail transport vehicles & post offices stamps and covers wide world buy or exchange with other collecter wide world   
Scuba diving on postage stamps
    From   Pero   Posted On   7/14/2021   
Site for stamps exchange and stamps imagery classified by country, year and face value. Many images and stamps for exchange!   
The Bible Odyssey on Israeli Stamps
    From   john   Posted On   7/14/2021   
The Bible Odyssey on Israeli Stamps   
Routecancels of the Dutch East Indies
    From   dracus   Posted On   7/14/2021   
Routecancels of the Dutch (Netherlands) East Indies
Postal History Site on the Routecancels used between 1874 and 1893
  • Documentation
  • Images
  • Canceltypes

Go to: 4493

    From   MTariq   Posted On   7/14/2021   
our website address, for some thing
of your interest in PHILATELIC Trade. Mint Sets,Packets,Kiloware.   
„philatelic“ and „opposition“,filop
    From   Filop   Posted On   7/14/2021   

What means „FILOP“

   Abbreviation „FILOP“ for the first time was used on January 13, 1996 commemorating fifth anniversary of Vilnius „Bloody Sunday“. This combinatio   

Sikh Stamps Collection : Sikh on Indian Stamps
    From   singhrajput   Posted On   7/14/2021   
Sikh Thematic Stamp Collection on Sikh Theme covering stamps from India as well as from world wide countries as Canada, Pakistan, Bhutan, Singapore, Kenya, Net   
Balloonstamps from over the world
    From   Erwin   Posted On   7/7/2021   
Welcome to our site with a lot of ballooning stamps, have a look, we also have a wantlist and our doubles are on the site aswell.   
Birds of the World on Postage Stamps
    From   birdstamper   Posted On   7/7/2021   
Dedicated to birds shown on postage stamps that are indigenous to the issuing country with thousands of images. Includes identification features.   
Airports on Stamps: and Postal Stationery
    From   pcelias   Posted On   7/7/2021   
Collector site for stamps & postal stationery depicting Airports   
NIGERIA: SG890. Mint copy showing spectacular error.
    From   moseszee   Posted On   7/7/2021   
NIGERIA: SG890. Mint copy showing spectacular error.

Price: $25

NIGERIA: SG890. Mint copy showing spectacular error.

Mint copy showing spectacular error. Lower layer of hologram apparently in place, top layer missing except for right-hand edge.

A block of 20 was found intact in a post office. Remainder    
Space and Astronomy Stamps
    From   huygens1962   Posted On   7/7/2021   
The history of spaceflight and astronomy as depicted on postage of the world. Extensively cross-referenced to related sites.   
Exchange Topics
    From   Rodger_C   Posted On   10/25/2020   
Exchange stamps I have many topics I can offer to exchange.
I collects Scouts and Walt Disney and for My friends Space, Aircraft. Birds.
When contact is made I will forward a link of your topic requested so that you can view items I can offer for exchange.   

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