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Stamp Exchange - Following are the list of Europen Countries stamp collectors with their collecting theme / country collection are posted here.

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    From   Barye   Posted On   3/7/2020   
I have for trade : USED: Denmark 1000++ 1 mini sheet, Finland 250 + 1 souvenir sheet, France 280 ++ 1 souvenir sheet, Italy 250 ++, Portugal 249 Stamps including 4 souvenir sheets & 1 Post Card, Yugoslavia 250 + stamps, Viet Nam 200 stamps, 177 Thailand commemoratives and pictorials, 106 Thailand in complete sets, thousands of Japan. Each country    
Art series stamps issued by France every year since 1961
    From   Mani   Posted On   3/7/2020   
i am interested in collecting stamps of France.
Topic: Art ( issued every year by France from the year 1961)
Example : 1961 year . Y&T 1319, 1320, 1321, 1322.

I collect Mint, Used and FDCs.

There are some missing and if anybody can help, I would be able to complete my collection.


stamps 3 for 1
    From   Roland   Posted On   3/7/2020   
Send me 25 used commemorative stamps 2018-2019 from your country.

In return you receive from me 75 used commemorative stamps Nederland 1975-2010 including Christmasstamps and charitystamps, or 75 used commemorative stamps Western-Europe or worldwide, just as you prefer.   
used stamps
    From   Roland   Posted On   3/7/2020   
I collect used worldwide stamps with topics flora, fauna, bridges, lighthouses, mills. Please do not offer me mint stamps, because I do not collect.
I prefer trading with wantlists or scans, but any good proposal for trading is possible.

I offer FDC's, mint and used stamps, 20,000 different, all presented on scans and stocklists (Miche   
    From   mirak77   Posted On   3/7/2020   

I want football world cup and freshwater fish stamps .

exchange stamps
    From   Barbé   Posted On   2/27/2020   
I search stamps from many european countries.

I offer stamps from many countries of Europa & also another of world.

To contact me : Guy Barbé

98 rue du Petit-Bruxelles

1430 Rebecq


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