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Stamp Exchange - Following are the list of stamp collectors those who are in the Asian Continent.

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   Looking for Stamp Trading partners
    From   kramcbe   Posted On   7/14/2021   
I am Ramesh Kumar from India. I am looking for the stamp exchange partners all over the world. I am intresting in collecting all kind of philatelic materials except used stamps. My topics are
1. waterfalls
2. whales, dolphins, shark and seals
3. antartic (polar, antarctic,    
used stamps
    From   Barbť   Posted On   10/27/2021   
I search stamps from countries of Asia.

I offer stamps from countries of Europa & also another of world.    
Exchange Stamp
    From   KennethLim   Posted On   7/18/2021   
I will like to exchange any used/ mint  Bird Stamps of the World with you. In exchange I can offer Malaysian, Great Britain, Australia,New Zealand and Singapore Stamps. I exchange at 50 - 100 pieces at a time    
    From   AndyMosko   Posted On   7/18/2021   
WANTED:† Worldwide exchange partners.† Can trade 1 for 1 used stamps, first day covers etc.† Andy Mosko, 6761 E. Kiami, Tucson, AZ† 85715† USA    
We need stamps for our school students
    From   Datta007   Posted On   7/18/2021   

We are from a primary school._
We collect stamps amd makes albums for our students._
We give info to students with sender's name & address._
This is our special project to collect stamps from various countries for our school._
Seeking donations of worldwide and U.S. stamps, albums, stockbooks, stock pages, and other stamp collect   

    From   gen4n   Posted On   7/18/2021   
I am a korean collector in japan
I don`t have a want list.
Used stamps are exchanged on a 1:1 basis.
Mint stamps are exchanged by agreement or Scott catalog value.
Another interest of mine is to collect covers from foreign countries.

Email me

My Blog
stamp exchange mint&used
    From   Farruh2   Posted On   7/18/2021   
Greeting to my colleagues In Your country!
I would like to start exchange to You. Iím 60 , Iím not dealer thatís why I hope we start honest and longtime exchange. Thank You. e-mail:

In exchange I can offer: mint new stamps of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova,Belarussia, Iran, Brazil,    
    From   ashar   Posted On   7/18/2021   
i have great collection of stamps of british india period, mostly of king george V, VI and king edward.
i also have great collection of pakistan stamps. anyone interested in buying plz contact my email
Stamp exchange
    From   shailam   Posted On   7/18/2021   
I offer stamps in mint and used undamaged condition. Exchange basis 1x1 in packets of 50 or 100.
my address-
shailam khajanchi
18/1 usha ganj chawani,
indore (m.p.)
india 452001

Look forward to hear from you.   
N/A -->
peny black
    From   aghista465   Posted On   7/18/2021   
I have a black eds 430
i want to exchange with ww collector
    From   Md.AbdulHamid   Posted On   7/18/2021   
Stamp Exchange
    From   StamperF   Posted On   7/18/2021   
I am Faguni. I want to swap stamps with you. If you are interested in any of my stamps and you have any countries stamps from my want list, I would also be very happy to swap with you!! :)

Want: Croatia, FDC, 3D, Belgium, Colombia, Cook Islands, Cyprus, Haiti, Austria, Cote D'ivoire, Ireland, Korea, Iceland, Macau, Maldives, Mauritius, S   
want india miniature sheets for world stamps
    From   siddhant   Posted On   7/18/2021   
i can give 10 world used stamps for each mint miniature sheets of india.
if any one interested pls contact

    From   gattulenin   Posted On   7/18/2021   
I am new to this. i have no particular ideas. i am collecting some stamps. please guide me    
Let's exchange
    From   Hayk   Posted On   7/18/2021   
Derar collectors
I offer MNH Armenain sets,m/s,s/s,booklets,FDC,Lux blocks before 2007 and some Cyprus,Ukrainian stamps.I want ww mint  europa cept sets(Spain,Italy,France,Monaco,Portugal,Danmark,Vatican,San Marino,Luxemburg,Germany 2003-2011).If you are interested in exchange drop me an email.
Best regards,
stamp exchange
    From   kamran   Posted On   7/18/2021   
want worldwide mint stamp exchange,can provide mint stamps and ms from India.Have some very old revenue stamps for exchange too.   
Stamp exchange WW
    From   farooqtariq95   Posted On   7/18/2021   
Hi I am collecting Stamps from worldwide. I will offer used Pakistani Stamps in Exchange

Contact on my E-Mail :

Farooq Tariq   
    From   KINGvignesh   Posted On   7/18/2021   
i have post cards stamps and all philatelic materials from INDIA , interested pls contact me    
    From   Sondhi   Posted On   7/18/2021   

I collect mint stamps, postal stationary, special cancellations, Max. cards on AIDS, Blood donation, Astronomy, Butterflies, Road safety as per my wantlist. In exchange can give material on these topics and on Birds, Mushrooms.

    From   mustak   Posted On   7/18/2021   
Hi frind,

I collect all types of stamps from all country,

i have huge collation of stamps and want to exchange with a good friend

in ratio 1:1 any one interested in post stamps can contact me

Donate stamps, coins & banknotes to School Stamp Club
    From   arun4help   Posted On   7/18/2021   
Hi friend,
Indian School Teacher is looking to start a STAMP COLLECTING CLUB to teach students about history and different countries. People who donate stamps, coins & banknotes will get Thank You Notes from students who receive them.
Please help me in my quest to educate students through the use of stamps.†We collect Stamps, coins & Ban   
exchange stamps
    From   amirmohammad   Posted On   7/18/2021   
my name is amir mohammad from iran
i collect to mint MNH stamps from world wide
my topics : wwf , animals , joint issue , olympic 2012 and 2008 and 2004 , FIFA WORLD CUP , ....
i can to send mint MNH stamps from iran with your tipics
my email :
have a nice day
amir mohammad   
Arabic Stamps ?
    From   arcsamer   Posted On   7/18/2021   
any one interested in arabic stamps ,, write to me ,,
Samer Al Hamdan , P.O.Box 96916 Dubai , UAE .   
stamps & coins
    From   kravi2012   Posted On   7/18/2021   
hi friends!
this is my interest   
Exchange of Indian,UK,Japan,Bangladesh,Bhutan mint & used stamps & miniature sheets.
    From   nymph   Posted On   7/18/2021   
Hi Philatelist,
I am a medical student from India and interested in exchange of used & mint stamps of any country on topics like flora & fauna, historical landmarks, space missions etc.Please e-mail graphics file (.gif, .jpeg, etc.) of your offer/wish list.
Sayantan Chakravorty
All world
    From   Nkjain   Posted On   7/18/2021   
I am old stamp collector, discontinued for a long period and then revived interest. I collect stamps of all world and wish to exchange stamps. I a particularly interested in exchange Indian comm. for updating my collection and exchang mint for mint from 2003 to date   
used stamp exchange
    From   Syed   Posted On   7/18/2021   
Hello friends,
I have some w/w stamps to exchange , if any one intrested to exchange used stamps from srilanka, bhutan, nepal, Thailand, hongkong, Malaysia,vetnam and world wide as well , pls send me .I can offer same amount of stamps, i mean 50 for 50 or 100/100 kindly mail me before you send my email id ;-
Exchange Stamps
    From   Ashan   Posted On   7/18/2021   
I'm Ashan Iranga from SriLanka..............I would like to exchange stamps with you............please mail me or write me..........

My Address........
Ashan Iranga,
No 109,
Opposite Convent,
Ja Ela.
Sri Lanka.   
FDC/Cover/Stamps/Miniature sheets
    From   pop66   Posted On   7/18/2021   
I am interested for FDC/Stamps/Cover/miniature sheets for exchange only with serious collectors world wide.I am also a CCCC member.Please visit my blog before exchange.Thanks   
    From   prabakarraj   Posted On   7/18/2021   
137, St. Joseph Nagar,
Kondur-607002 TAMILNADU INDIA.
Want :
Miniature Sheet,Souvenir Sheets, Sheet lets (Small Sheets of 10,12,16,20 Stamps) of Complete sets on the theme of Animals,
Birds, Butterflies, Dolphins, Whales, Ships, Fishe   
stamps selling
    From   v.janan   Posted On   7/18/2021   
i got old srilankan stamps collection and international stamps collection, and willing to sell for a reasonable price.   
Currently Running Indian Stamps
    From   godzillamansam   Posted On   7/18/2021   
If you are interested in having a presently running common Indian stamps, feel free to contact me. I would love to have them exchanged for common stamps of your country. I prefer new unstamped, unused and unaffixed stamps over older ones.   
Stamps exchange
    From   cusimarc   Posted On   7/18/2021   
Hi to all fellow stamp collectors!
I am an advance stamp collector now, 42 yrs old and 22 years in the passion.:)
I just want to help other in their stamp album spaces.
Be sure you are willing to trade, honest of having the said stamps and can provide scans of it.
If your interest in stamps are from the PHILIPPINES issued fr   
used Stamp exchange on a 1 to 1 basis, no cto and not from eastern europe.
    From   francis   Posted On   7/18/2021   
I am interested in swapping used stamps and collect thematically with reference to nature; am interested in colorful stamps depicting, birds, butterflies, other insects, animals, mushrooms, marine life, shells and flowers. I would also accept stamps on trains planes and cars for the purpose of having stock   
    From   yinguoqiang   Posted On   7/18/2021   
Hi collector,

I'm from China and I'm hoping to find some exchange partners. Here is a list of what I want. Please contact me if you are interested.


1. Exchange of mint stamps, miniature sheet and booklet of all countries
2. Price of exchanged stamps is based on exchange rate of Bank of China on Dec.12 which   
Indian Stamp Exchange
    From   chhotu   Posted On   7/18/2021   

NOTE : I DON'T SEND FIRST. :) :) :) :) : ):)   
London 2012 Olympics
    From   hiphila   Posted On   7/18/2021   
Want: London 2012 Olympics - mint stamps & mailed fdcs
Offer: London 2012 Olympics or others by your want list

    From   2508963   Posted On   7/18/2021   
I need FDC'S with miniature sheets or souvenir sheets from all over the world.
I have stamps and FDC'S from Portugal, Azores and Madeira MNH or used stamps from the Soviet Union and Portugal, Angola, Mozambique etc.   
Business Services
    From   piemultilingual   Posted On   7/18/2021   
PIE MULTILINGUAL SERVICES offering a complete solution for all Foreign as well as Indian regional languages. We specialize in outsourcing the experienced candidates customized as per your requirement. They are experts in their respective domains.

Following are some of the services which PIE specializes in with various corporate house   
Stampos Exchange
    From   Naeem   Posted On   7/18/2021   
Hello! I can send any Mint stamps on your Topics from Pakistan, issued during past 50 years.
I am interested in getting Mint stamps in complete sets, FDCs & Used Covers with my required topics.
I can also look for my duplicates of other countries for your Topics... Naeem.
Looking to exchange stamps
    From   Belial   Posted On   7/14/2021   
I have old used stamps from Romania, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Czehoslovacia and few from France, San Marino, Bulgaria, Rwanda, USA, Denmark, Austria, Yugoslavia, Netherlands, Asian countries(Vietnam mostly), Italy, Russia(CCCP) and a few more from diffrent countries.
stamp exchange
    From   abrarulhassan   Posted On   7/14/2021   
I have thousands of stamps of different countries.I want to exchange used snd mint stamps.Countries can be decided by cummunications by email.Interested persons please contact me.If some body wants to by some particular item,I can sell to him.I also collect coins and currency notes.somebody interested in buying these items,can contact me.   
Stamps exchange
    From   ThomasSchmitt   Posted On   7/14/2021   
I collect and would like to exchange stamps from some european countries, Israle, Palastine, USA and Canada.   
fair exchnage world wide
    From   raymond   Posted On   7/14/2021   
i am an 52 yr old collector from malaysia.I specialise in german ostal history but have worldwide interest.I can send malaysia/asia/germany ...fdc/mint/sheets/used ...i hope to get long term exchange partner for old/new germany/european countres/worldwide...i am exchanging with six friends actively now and enjoy it with much effort...i look fo   
stamp exchange
    From   dilipghosh   Posted On   7/14/2021   
Hi there I am from nepal..I have many themes and mint album of nepal, japan, un, europa, itu and many more...besides this I want to maximise my collection in diffrent varities..till now I got near about 25000 diffrent piece of stamp..I want more to collect to make it if any one want to exchange from their country I can send u @ nepal, in   
India Collections, year sets, Thematic Sets, GB
    From   psharma   Posted On   7/14/2021   
Useful Collections of India used stamps supplied
Basic Starter Collection of 800 different  Euro 60 only.
Good Collection 1300+ stamps - This collection is quite comprehe   
Sell/Exchange:Used Indian stamps 1957 A.D to today
    From   Gogol   Posted On   7/14/2021   
Indian-studying medicine,would like to exchange used Indian stamps for Nature stamps of Greenland,Iceland,NewZealand,Fiji,Papua & New Guinea,Marshall Is,Guatemala,Gibralter,Nauru,Galapagos Is and WW.Sell used Indian stamps dating back to 1957 till date.Comitted to absolute sincerity.   
stamp exchange
    From   M.Tariq   Posted On   7/14/2021   
Wholesale Traders
exchange mint complete sets any country any quantity.
a trusted name in the stamp trade world.   
Used Stamps Exchange/Sell
    From   Gogol   Posted On   7/14/2021   
Indian Stamps for ever from med. student.
Quick return of large sized, beautiful, stamps on inquisititive-satiating topics.    
Pakistan Philately
    From   akhtarsiddiqui   Posted On   7/14/2021   

Pakistan Philately:Collect Pakistan Postage Stamps.Our On line Catalogue available at our website   If you want any atamp of Pakistan 1947 to date please cont   

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