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    Over 1,700 stamps & postal history items from St. Vincent
    From   PC_Elias   Posted On   5/23/2018  
 <p>I have recently updated this reference work to include additional scans; so now there are over 1,700+ scans of philatelic items from St. Vincent on a self   
    Airports on Stamps & Postal Stationery electronic book
    From   PC_Elias   Posted On   5/23/2018  
 <p>You are bidding on a reference CD-ROM containing over 800 images of postage stamps, postal stationery and revenue stamps from around the world that feature "Airports" (either mentioned or illustrated).


    Automotive history: The amazing history of Audi
    From   PC_Elias   Posted On   5/23/2018  

<p>This eBook CD-ROM tells the history of the car manufacturer Audi (and related car companies such as DKW, NSU, Wanderer, Horch, Auto Union, VW, Mercedes and others) as told through stamps & other philatelic materials. While there are books published about Audi's fascinating (and somewhat    

    British Empire War Tax Stamp CD
    From   PC_Elias   Posted On   5/15/2018  
Usages of British Empire War Tax Stamps.
Little has been written up about these stamps and their usages. What little information has been published is spread out over many different articles and books. My 160 page exhibit brings this to life.
See my website at for more details on ordering the CD. I    

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